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bx env [-hi] [<environment>]

Parameters and inputs

ShorthandLong versionDescription
-h--humanPrint the size in a more human readable way
-i--intLike -h, but use in SI units (powers of 1000)
--helpShow this help message and exit


Show current environment

Typing bx env will show you information of your current environment.

$ bx env -i
Environment: michael-jordan
Region: us-east-1
Storage: 1.6 TB / 5.0 TB
Computing credits: 88.13 USD
Credits consumption rate: 0 USD/h

Switch environments

The bx env can also be used to switch from one environment to another.

Let's assume the user michael-jordan is able to access the chicago-bulls _organization._ This user could use the bx env to switch from his personal environment to the organization's environment, as shown below:

$ bx env chicago-bulls
Environment: chicago-bulls
Region: us-east-2
Storage: 1610640927667 / 5000000000000
Computing credits: 1200.35 USD
Credits consumption rate: 0 USD/h
Organization: Chicago Bulls
jerry-reinsdorf (owner)

Changing environment implies working on a different file-system, having a different image registry, different credit and storage quotas, among other implications. Read more here.